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At Applied Torque we have a Comprehensive Hire Fleet of Torque & Tension Tooling ranging from 0.1 - 100,000Nm with no minimum Hire periods.

Our Experienced Engineers can provide On Site Safety & Operation Training and are also available for On Site Bolting.

Contact your nearest Applied Torque Office or Email to book a Hire, Request a Quote or any other information.

 Our Hire range includes, but is not limited to;

• Air Torque Wrench Pumps

• Electric Torque Wrench pumps both manual and automatic

• Hydraulic Square Drive Torque Wrenches

• Hydraulic Low Profile Wrenches and Links

• Air Multipliers

• Electric Multipliers

• Hand Multipliers

• Cordless Torque Multipliers

• Bolt Tensioners

• Bolt Tensioner Pumps

• Hoses

• Sockets

• Torque Testing Equipment

• Cylinders, Jacks and Pumps.

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