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Calibration On & Off Site

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Applied Torque Calibrations

Using state of the art Alkitronic, Norbar and Stahlwille  Measurement Systems we are able offer both on and off site calibrations and more importantly the re-setting of all types of torque tooling:-

 With all our calibrations we offer free entry to our Online Comprehensive Database where cerftificates are stored and you will receive an email reminder when your calibrations are due.

We can also issue your certificates at point of test.

In House Calibration:- We offer, test and Certification up to 125,000 Nm for Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electric, Cordless, Hand Multipliers and Wrenches.

On Site Calibration:- We offer test, and Certification up to 10,000Nm for Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electric, Cordless, Hand Multipliers and Wrenches

We recently invested heavily in the latest Norbar and Stahlwille Automatic Torque Wrench Loader to enable us to provide ISO6789 2017 Part 2 up to 3000Nm on hand Wrenches. We are now able to provide our customers with a full spectrum of ISO Calibration standards to their requirements. 

We also offer a fast turnaround for pre booked in wrenches and tools.

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