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TorcUp Air Torque Multipliers

As The UK Distributor of TorcUp Hydraulic and Pneumatic Tools, Applied Torque Supply the full range of Raptor Air Torque Multipliers.

The Raptor Series tools have a sturdy square drive which allows for Direct socket engagement. They feature a compact air motor, which is a lightweight ultra efficient air motor, designed for easy maintenance.

The internal gear drive employs a planetary gear design which increases the torque multiplication without added weight or bulk.

The ergnomonic pistol grip is designed to allow firm and comfortable positioning with slip resistant, textured coating. The dual trigger allowd for forward and reverse operation without grip repositioning.

The RP-E6 Air Torque Multiplier is designed to lengthen the reach of the Torque Tool Barrel into depth and width critical conditions such as Commercial Vehicle Maintenance and Mining Applications.

Please call your nearest Applied Torque Office or email for a free demo, quote or further information on any products in the TorcUp Raptor Range of Pneumatic Torque Multipliers.


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