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Poka-Yoke and Process Contol

'ProSuite' Capabilities Demonstration from Applied Torque on Vimeo.

'Poka-Yoke' is a Japanese term which can be translated into 'mistake - proofing' or 'inadvertent error prevention'.

A Poka-yoke is any mechanism in a lean manufacturing process that helps an equipment operator avoid mistakes.  Its Purpose is to eliminate product defects by preventing, correcting or drawing attention to human errors as they occur during production as it is  believed that 'Defects occur when mistakes are allowed to reach the customer' .

Applied Torque provide full product support, installation, training, maintenance and Calibration of process control systems using 'Prosuite' Software.

There are various methods of implementing 'Poka Yoke' including:

Socket Trays

Barcode Scanning

Intelligent Positioning Arms

Results Storage and Printing for Traceability

Process Control Software with Capability of Operator Guidance

Prompting for Correct Installation of Parts with Intelligent Software

Accurate and Intelligent Torque Tooling

Operator Feedback on Correct/Incorrect Fastening Results


Applied torque can provide a 'no faults forward system' using the above and provide a complete process/quality control system to suit your needs.


Benefits of Poka-Yoke Implementation

A Typical feature of Poka-Yoke Solutions is that they prevent errors occurring in a process, other benefits include:

  • Less time spent on training operators
  • Elimination of many Operations related to Quality control
  • Unburdeninng of Operators from Repetitive tasks
  • Reduced Number of Rejects
  • Immediate Action when a problem occurs
  • 100% Built in Quality Control


 For Further information or advice please email or Telephone: 02920 888883 to speak to an Application Engineer.



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