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Product Sections

Norbar HT3 Multiplier - 1000Nm

Norbar Handtorque Torque Multipliers HT3-1000 Seri

Product Specs

  • HT3-1000 Nm Kit 1/2" Input 3/4" Output
  • +/- 4% Torque Multiplication Accuracy
  • 5:1 Nominal Torque Multiplication Reaction Dependant
  • Ratio with Cranked Foot is 4.8:1 with Straight Reaction being 4.9:1
  • Small and compact Design
  • Tough Silver Metallic Powder Coating
  • Supplied with 2 Reaction Bar Styles
  • Quick Change Cranked Reactions with Improved Flexibility allowing reactions in 8 orientations
  • Robust Construction for Minimal Maintenance and Long Life



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