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Product Sections

Alkitronic Electric Powered Pump - Nova

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Alkitronic Electric Drive Hydraulic Pump - Nova

Product Specs

  • Electric Drive Hydraulic Pump
  • Please Contact Applied Torque for a Quote on any Alkitronic Nova Pumps
  • Also available with Four Port Manifold
  • Robust Compact Deisgn for Roughest Use on Site
  • Huge Oil Flow due to Intelligent Electronic Controlling and Powerful Motor
  • Easiest Automatic Operation for all Cylinder Sizes without any Manual Presetting
  • Ergonomic Remote Control for Manual or Automatic Operation
  • Capable of Continuous Operation with Minimal Heat Generation
  • Low Running Costs, Brush Free Synchronised motor, Maintenance Free and Low Wear
  • Infinitely Adjustable Pressure setting up to 700 Bar / 10,000 psi

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