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Norbar Tools

Applied Torque Systems have been Authorised Tier 2 distributors of Torque Equipment world leaders Norbar for over 20 years


Incorporated during the second World War in 1943, Norbar established themselves as the first company in Britain to manufacture torque wrenches on a commercial basis. The company’s initial demand level was driven by Rolls Royce, the vehicle manufacturer required supply of a substantial number of torque wrenches to develop the Rolls Royce Merlin engines.


Since its inception, Norbar has remained a family run business. Founded by Bill Brodey, the company has been, and continues to be, managed by descendants of the founding family. Their torque equipment is now used on a worldwide basis, what started as a wartime necessity has become a global requirement.  


Applied Torque Systems stock a range of Norbars equipment including the new EBT Battery Torque Multiplier as well as their long-standing range of Hand Multipliers, Electric Torque Multipliers, Air Torque Multipliers, Torque Wrenches, Torque Handles, Torque Wrench Calibration & Analysers.


A number of these Norbar tools are also available for Hire, to discuss in further detail contact us today.


We also offer calibration services in-house and on-site up to 10,000Nm, contact a representative today to make your booking.


All tools designed and produced by Norbar use the latest state-of-the-art technology and facilities. Their aim is to achieve the highest possible level of innovation and precision within the field of Torque Control Equipment.


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