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Enerpac Distributors

Enerpac have established themselves as market leaders within High Pressure Hydraulics, designed for Lifting, Pulling, Weighing, Tensioning, Stressing, Pressing and Bolting.


Applied Torque Systems are South Wales only Authorised Distributor and Service Centre, serving the whole of the UK with within the Enerpac Brand of Tools. We work in partnership with Enerpac to distribute a range of industrial tools that are guaranteed to provide extremely reliable quality and superior precision, with a large range covered under

“lifetime Warranty”


We offer a comprehensive range of Enerpac tool Services, including Repair, Service, Hire and Calibration. As an Authorised Distributor and Service Centre you can rely on the vast knowledge that Applied Torque Systems bring to the table.


Shop our complete range of Enerpac Hydraulics, we stock a broad range of Specialist Tools including Single Acting & Double Acting Cylinders, High Tonnage Cylinders, Steel Jacks, Hand pumps, cordless pumps, air pumps and many more.


For further information regarding Enerpac Hydraulics, contact an Applied Torque Systems representative, who can help you to book a demo or answer any questions you might have surrounding the product spec.


Enerpac are renowned for their superior high-pressure tools globally. Priding themselves on delivering technically superior solutions that are easy to get, safe to use and built to outlast. Applied Torque are happy to work in partnership as an authorised Enerpac distributor.


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